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MaryFaith Morison was born and raised on the west coast of the United States. She initially attained recognition as an accomplished metalsmith, working as an apprentice to Stieg Gusterman in Georgetown, Colorado. MaryFaith continued her training with Thomas Schlicting in Amsterdam, Netherlands and upon moving back to the United States, she established MF Morison Designs which soon became a well known studio that specialized in creating prototypes to be cast en mass for various jewelry manufacturing companies. 

Following a successful career as a metalsmith, MaryFaith moved to San Fransisco where she studied printmaking at the San Fransisco Art Institute under Michi Itami. MaryFaith worked out of U.C. Berkeley Open Studio and the Fort Mason Printmaking Department. During this time she fell in love with the art of printmaking.

The imagery of her work is clearly abstracted from nature, though the narrative cannot be put into words such as "save the birds or save the planet." The artistic intention is less about content and more about the desire to affect a visual rhythm intended to resound with the viewer in hopes of creating a nuanced stillness that perhaps leads to a meditative state of mindfulness. 

MaryFaith moved to Searsmont, Maine in 2001 and shortly thereafter became immersed in the artists community. She is a founding member of ‘Press Hard,’ a printmaking collective that primarily operates out of Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. She is also a member of the Waterfall Arts collaborative and continues to work on her ever-growing portfolio. 

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